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Level measuring instruments
Level measuring instruments

 Iva Vietnam Co.,ltd is the leading supplier of level measuring instruments. We supply the best solutions for the level of liquids, solids,.. 

 The main Level gauges and their working principle are described as follows:

• Capacitive level indicators or Capacitive level transmitters
• Ultrasound level indicators or Ultrasound level transmitters
• Microwave level indicators or Microwave level transmitters
• Radar level transmitters
• Communicating vessels level indicators (visual or magnetic)
• Float level indicators
• Probe level indicators (immersed or floating)
• Vibrating level indicators
• Rotary level indicators
• Magnetic level switch
• Resistive level indicators
• Optical level indicators
• Conductivity level indicators
• Weight measurement levels (load cells)

Capacitive level indicators are suitable for measuring liquids even at high pressures and temperatures, and, granulated or powdery solids, that have a high and constant relative permittivity with respect to vacuum and typically air.
 capacitive level transmitters allow continuous indication and level conditions; they are ideal for conductive and non-conductive liquids and offer good accuracy and stability against mechanical and chemical aggression.

Ultrasound level transmitters are based on the variation of the transit (or distance or flight) time of a sound or an ultrasound caused by the raising and/or lowering of the level in the tank to be measured. The sound or ultrasound is emitted by a transmitter placed at the top of the tank and is reflected by the level of the liquid or solid product in the tank in a return echo identified by a receiver coupled with the transmitter.
Sonic level transmitters are gauges suitable for continuous indication and level conditions, ideal for liquids and powdery solids.
Ultrasound level transmitters, offer good accuracy and measurement is independent of the physical characteristics of the product : (mass density, viscosity, etc.) and by the electrical characteristics of the product; (conductivity, permittivity, etc.)

Radar is defined as an electronic system capable of locating objects that are invisible to the naked eye and to determine distance, speed, shape and dimensions, using the propagation property of radio waves.
Radar level transmitters allow non-contact measuring of liquids or solids; they are ideal for difficult measuring of pressure and temperature - measurement is independent of the physical characteristics of the product, also offering high accuracy and repeatability.

A Communicating vessels level gauge (visual) is a
 local level indicator made up of a column of liquid outside of the container to be measured; it is suitable for high pressures and temperatures, allowing local indication of the level.
Similarly, Communicating vessels level indicators, but magnetic, have advantages that make their use preferable in the following applications of fluids: high pressure, high temperature, inflammable or explosive, chemically aggressive, polluting to the environment, noxious or toxic to human beings.
Magnetic level indicators have the advantage of a local and remote indication.
With respect to the previous
 visual level indicators, instead of the measurement being read by the observer in correspondence to the liquid/gas separation surfaces, it is displayed directly by the magnetic measuring device.

Probe level measurement is automatic measuring system that periodically and/or continuously measures the level of liquids, solids, mixtures, powders, etc., in tanks, silos and containers in general.
They are called
 probe level indicators as they automatically “feel” the lowering of the material content from the top of the container and so note the height of the container, thus determining the content level.
The probe is activated by a float suspended on a cable or metal tape, by a servomotor that “senses” the floating of the float and transduces the lowering of the cable and/or tape in proportion to the raising of the level, in a series of impulses directly displayed and/or transmitted remotely.
Probe level indicators offer a local and remote indication, are suitable for medium and high pressures, ideal for great heights (also over 20 m), high accuracy (typically 1 mm).

Vibrating level indicators are suitable for indicating level conditions in liquids, powdery solids and solids in liquids.
They are composed of a probe that, when it vibrates at its natural frequency in the air, varies the vibration frequency in the presence of a liquid or solid to measure.
Vibrating level indicators can be installed vertically or laterally on the tank to be measured and do not require calibration.

The range of level gauges includes the
 rotary level indicators ideal for measuring level conditions of solids.
They are composed of a probe that is rotated by a small electric motor. The measuring probe, increasing the level, encounters greater resistance to its rotation and therefore the increase in the rotation torque is measured by an electromechanical or electronic device that indicates the level condition.
Rotary level indicators do not require calibration and offer good repeatability.

Magnetic float level switches  are ideal for checking the level of the liquid in tanks, baths, boilers and the control of pumps, valves, alarm systems.
Installation is either vertical directly into the process or laterally inserted in a housing outside the process.
A vertical tube that is closed at its lower end and integral with the fastening system, internally it has one or more magnetic contacts (up to six switching points) (Reed switch). One or more floats (free to slide along the guide tube) operate magnetically on the contacts switching their state depending on the level of the liquid in the tank.
The switching points are preset on construction as required but they can be adjusted in the field.
 magnetic and floating level switches can be fitted with a potentiometer transmitter for continuous level reading.


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  Level gauge, level indicator, level meter, level switch, level transmitter, level monitoring systems

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